Our vegetable tanned leathers

“This tannery has been producing TACHINO CHIE’s vegetable-tanned leather since 2015. They are one of the few tanneries in Japan that specialize in pit-tanning.

We are blessed to receive edible raw hides from Hokkaido, and carefully tan them with drums. It takes about 1 to 2 months, depending on the weather.

The raw hides are placed in a drum containing tannin and dye, the main ingredient of which is mimosa, and turned for three hours. After that, they are drained by machine. The water is also carefully drained by hand. The large iron is set to a low temperature based on the craftsman’s experience and the outside temperature in order to achieve my ideal texture. They check the dyeing of the leather and use complementary colors to achieve the desired color.

The tanner doesn’t use a dryer as he believes that even a T-shirt feels different depending on whether it is dried in the sun or in a dryer. I love the leather produced by this tanner.

TACHINO CHIE’s bags and mules are used for GUJI.”